Successful recruitment campaign for ORANJERII GIMEL – Bulgaria that we are proud to share!

Vina Manpower has successfully supplied 55 Vietnamese Farming Workers to ORANJERII GIMEL (Gimel)- Bulgaria

Gimel is the undisputed leader in the production of organic cucumbers and tomatoes and a major supplier of these products in Europe. Specialists in the organic sector and consultants, producers, delegates from the EU, ministers of agriculture from different countries visit our BIOfarms, eager to learn more about Gimel..

Without disturbing BIOLOGICAL cycles and without polluting the environment. Gimel’s organic open fields and greenhouses are located in the traditional agricultural Thracian valley next to the village of Zvanichevo, Pazardzhik municipality, as well as in the heart of the fertile city of Levski. We grow BIO vegetables with pure BIO graphics in harmony with nature. With innovative thinking, research and a lot of hard work, Gimel managed to create a product without analogue.

The online interview between Gimel and each Farming worker were conducted openly, transparently and successfully. After 2 working days, Gimel has selected 55 Vietnamese Farming workers who are available & willing to work for Gimel in Bulgaria.

Vina Manpower would like to express our sincere thanks, truly grateful for the trust of Gimel in the selection and employ Vietnamese Farming Workers for their Farms in Bulgaria and Europe.