VINA MANPOWER jsc has recruited 80 Vietnamese workers to FOREIGN LINK PERSONEL – ALBERTA CANADA with vacancies as Welders 4G, 6G successfully

Last January, 2014, VINA MANPOWER jsc is honored to recruit on behalf of FOREIGN LINK PERSONEL – ALBERTA CANADA and to directly interviews and doing trade test of Vietnamese Welders 4G- 6G supplied by VINA MANPOWER jsc

FOREIGN LINK PERSONEL is an APSO member (Association of Personnel Service Organizations). It has over 34 branches in 30 territories worldwide. FOREIGN LINK PERSONEL places over 5.000 workers in work every single year. At FOREIGN LINK PERSONEL, they operate to the highest quality standards in every aspect of their service. Their system is both utilized and effective and consists of a comprehensive range of quality assurance tools.

VINA MANPOWER jsc would like to thank and sincerely appreciate the trust and the cooperation of FOREIGN LINK PERSONEL in the selection and employ the Vietnamese Welders 4G- 6G for their projects in the CANADA and Globally.

Below are some pictures of the first recruitment campaign for FOREIGN LINK PERSONEL: