ANDREAS CO LTD- CYPRUS’s recruiting demand has completed successfully in August 2013

VINA MANPOWER has supplied more than 50 Vietnamese workers to ANDREAS CO LTD- CYPRUS successfully with vacancies as follows: Farmers and Housemaids

ANDREAS CO LTD specializes in providing the service of cleaning business activities in CYPRUS.

Last August, 2013, VINA MANPOWER is honored to welcome the Owner of ANDREAS CO LTD has come to Vietnam to directly interviews and doing trade test of Farmers and Housemaids supplied by VINA MANPOWER.

VINA MANPOWER would like to thank the trust and the cooperation of Owner of ANDREAS CO LTD in the selection and use of Farmers and Housemaids supplied by VINA MANPOWER for their business in the Cyprus.

Below are some pictures of the recruitment campaign of ANDREAS CO LTD: